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Geocoding/VGIN_Composite_Locator (GeocodeServer)

Service Description: The VGIN Geocoding service is a composite locator consisting of Virginia Address Points, Virginia RCL (Road Centerlines), City State, CAI, GNIS, Virginia Zip Codes and Virginia Jurisdictions. The source data used in creating this web service provides updated information from Virginia local governments based on quarterly, biannual, or annual submission scheduling. ArcGIS desktop or applications can use the geocoding service depending on intent of use. By default, the input data sources reside in the Virginia Lambert Conformal Conic projection but can be translated upon output by desktop software or application settings. Each locator element uses a result hierarchy from the most granular result provided as an output first (Address Points) to the least granular last (Jurisdictions). Data is limited to the Commonwealth of Virginia and cannot guarantee results in other states. Underlying locator files within the service for Address Points and RCL are updated quarterly. For more information about the Virginia composite service, visit:

Address Fields: Single Line Address Field: Candidate Fields: Intersection Candidate Fields: Spatial Reference: 4269  (4269)

Locator Properties: Supported Operations:   Find Address Candidates   Reverse Geocode   Geocode Addresses

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