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Service Description: Orthoimagery collected in Spring 2013, 2014 or 2015 (whichever is most recently available) by the VBMP program for Virginia. The imagery is displayed in true coloer (RED, GREEN, BLUE). The spatial reference is NAD 1983 Virginia Lambert Conformal Conic. The imagery is tiled at 14 levels from 1:4,000,000 to 1:1200. The imagery was collected to meet ASPRS Class 1 orthoimagery standards. Most areas were collected at a 1-ft ground sample distance (GSD), with some urban areas upgraded to 6-inch and 3-inch GSD. - "Any determination of topography or contours, or any depiction of physical improvements, property lines or boundaries is for general information only and shall not be used for the design, modification, or construction of improvements to real property or for flood plain determination." Subsection C of ยง 54.1-402

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Spatial Reference: PROJCS["Lambert_Conformal_Conic_Virginia",GEOGCS["GCS_North_American_1983",DATUM["D_North_American_1983",SPHEROID["GRS_1980",6378137.0,298.257222101]],PRIMEM["Greenwich",0.0],UNIT["Degree",0.0174532925199433]],PROJECTION["Lambert_Conformal_Conic"],PARAMETER["False_Easting",0.0],PARAMETER["False_Northing",0.0],PARAMETER["Central_Meridian",-79.5],PARAMETER["Standard_Parallel_1",37.0],PARAMETER["Standard_Parallel_2",39.5],PARAMETER["Latitude_Of_Origin",36.0],UNIT["Meter",1.0]]

Single Fused Map Cache: true

Tile Info: Initial Extent: Full Extent: Units: esriMeters


Document Info: Supports Dynamic Layers: false

MaxRecordCount: 1000

MaxImageHeight: 2048

MaxImageWidth: 2048

Supported Query Formats: JSON, AMF

Min Scale: 4000000

Max Scale: 1200

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